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Types of Loans
Mortgage Products
Program Name Term Description
Adjustable Rate Mortgage 360 months or less 3/1 Adjustablee Rate Mortgage (ARM). Indexed to the one-year U.S. T-bill.
Five (5) year balloon, with monthly payments 360 months or less Five (5) year balloon. Renewable at Maturity, with new underwriting.
15 to 30 year fixed-rate mortgage 180 months To purchase or refinance owner-occupied residential property.
Veteran Affairs (VA) Home Loan 360 months A home loan program, specifically designed for Veterans.
Jumbo Fixed-Rate Home Mortgage 360 months Higher balance (>$424,101.00) fixed -rate home mortgage.
USDA/Rural Housing 360 months Direct loans or loan guarantees to help low and moderate-income borrowers buy safe, affordable housing in rural areas.


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